Monday, September 18, 2006

Washington Mutual's Retreat From Windsor And Water

Lipstick For This Pig? Really?

The Denver Business Journal is reporting that Washington Mutual is pulling back in Colorado. They're closing several branchs in the state including fast growing cities like Greeley and Windsor. Washington Mutual tries to put a positive spin on the situation by saying that they're closing poorly performing branches and will be opening others. The problem is, it comes across as putting lipstick on a pig. One needs to ask why they'd be closing a branch in one of the fastest growing cities in the state such as Windsor.

Windsor Water

Speaking of Windsor, congratulations to Wagner Caterpillar on it's new location on Crossroads in Windsor. They're located across the street from the Wal-Mart distribution center. It was nice to tour the place. What I found most interesting was their washing bay. As you can imagine, all that equipment gets very dirty out in the field. The washing bay they have is able to reuse 90% of it's water. It does this with a system that both seperates the sediments from the water and uses natural microbes to break down the oil and grease. Not only will this save them money but it'll help reduce the demand for water in an area that averages around 15" of rain in a year.

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