Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's Electricity For Those Trains!

I always wonder about "news" stories like this one in the Denver Business Journal. They report that a study was completed that recomends "construction of an electric rail line". I wonder if they have someone actually writing this or they're just mashing together a press release or two for the story. Afterall, shouldn't a reporter in this situation be asking what is meant by an electric rail line? Does this mean a 3rd rail simlar to what we'd normally associate with a subway (DC' Metro has a lot of above ground operations so it's possible)? Does it mean overhead wires? Or do they simply mean that they'll use diesel locomotives much like Union Pacific or BNSF use? Afterall, technically those locomotives are electric. They use the diesel to generate electricity that is then used propel the train.

If you've been paying attention to FasTracks, you'll probably assume that they're talking about putting in light rail with the overhead wires. This is because they've had some articles in the past talking about the issues with using commuter rail (heavy rail) on the route. We'll just have to wait and see if our assumption is true.

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