Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Colorado Changing

Red or Blue?

A Rocky Mountain News / CBs4 poll looks at some of the ballot initiatives Coloradans will be looking at this fall. What I find most interesting is that the initiative in regards to Amendment 43. Amendment 43 would ban gay marriages in Colorado. The poll found 52% planned on voting yes for amendment 43. Considering the margin of error for the poll is quite large, 6.2% that really means about 1/2 of the voters are planning ino voting yes. And we know that as election day approaches, people's enthusiam tends to wane. They become more likely to vote no. And it becomes less likely that those undecided or planning on voting no will vote yes.

Is this another sign that Colorado is becoming less of a red state? Or is this a reflection on the gay marriage issue itself in that it's getting played out and losing resonance with voters?

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