Sunday, August 27, 2006

Flags in Colorado

The Denver Post is asking :

A geography teacher, suspended over flying world flags, resigned after being given a 6-week limit on how long those flags can stay up. What do you think about the way this case was handled?

How do we all think it was handeled? What do you think? I'd be surpised if many people thought it was the right thing to do. I think the school should've stood by the teacher and let the legal authorities raise a fuss if it really mattered to them. Seems like the principal was more concered about covering his own butt than worrying that the kids were learning. What do you think?

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chilistrider said...

Because of this brouhaha a school in Lakewood took down a display of international flags that had been up in their gymnasium for three years. They were worried they'd be next. I think it is wrong to have to take down flags that are put up to honor the nationalities, ethnicities, and ancestries of the student body. Not everybody is American, and that shouldn't have to be the only flag they get to see on a daily basis.