Friday, August 25, 2006

Crap and The Climate

I came across another horrible blog at This guy seems to think he's just being grump and somehow so grumpy that he's anarchistic. He's not. He uses terms like “sand nigger” “fagotts” and others. He's just a biggot taking advantange of the internet to yap.

On a brighter note, there is talk about the Colorado Climate Project. Coyote Gulch mentions it but doesn't get into the issue. It'll be interesting to find out more details on this proposal.

Speaking of things we haven't heard much about. For all the screaming and crying and yelling and shouting going on over global warming, we seem to hear very little over local climate changes. As we all know, weather can vary a lot depending on your locality. Western North Dakota tends to be very dry compared to cetnral North Dakota, let alone eastern North Dakota. In Colorado we see all sorts of localized climate differences and they're not simply dependent the mountains. If you're interested in reading more, some Colorado Climatoligists (note :for the most part, the only scientists who actually matter in this debate) write about it on their blog .

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