Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fastracks North Corridor 50% Over Budget

The West Corridor isn't the only FastTracks line in trouble. The North Corridor is already 50% over budget.


For example, planners on the Fastracks North Metro Corridor from Denver Union Station through Commerce City and Thornton completed a noise analysis this year indicating they will have to include more than 10 miles of noise-blocking walls along the Union Pacific freight tracks that they plan to use for diesel-powered commuter trains.

Originally, the North Metro Corridor was budgeted for only about eight miles of noise walls.

That cost increase, from $12.7 million to $16.5 million, has yet to be reflected in the North Metro Corridor's $637.2 million share of the overall FasTracks budget. Two years ago, North Metro's estimated cost was $420 million.

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