Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rail to Denver's Airport.... WHY?

By far the least expensive solution to congestion to and from the airport would be to add capacity to our freeways. And it's also the least expensive. Why are we spending 20% more to get 1/2 the delay savings from rail?

Cost Delay Saved
New freeway lanes $305 61,200
HOV lanes/BRT 337 41,900
Diesel rail 374 29,700
Electric rail 571 30,300

Capital costs in millions, delay saved is annual hours of congestion delay saved by the project. Source: pp. 37-39 of the East Corridor Major Investment Study Final Report.

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y-intercept said...

I think the two main reasons for train access to the airport is that it connects two transportation systems. The second is that it might reduce demand for parking.

Connecting the train to the airport creates the possibility that a vacationer to Denver could visit the city without having to rent a car.